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FRP Grille

As one of the leading enterprises in the fiberglass industry, Hebei Tengjun FRP Co., Ltd adheres to the principle of quality first and customer foremost, providing customers with high-quality products and professional solutions, earning a good market reputation and customer trust. Their latest developed FRP Grille is a type of grating made from fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). This grille features corrosion resistance, wear resistance, lightweight, and high strength, suitable for various industrial and civil applications. The grilles are commonly used in areas requiring identification or warning, providing visual alerts and safety. They can be used on stairs, platforms, walkways, railings, and other locations, offering users reliable anti-slip surfaces and durable solutions.

The latest FRP Grille produced by Hebei Tengjun FRP Co., Ltd. exhibits multiple characteristics and advantages, making it an ideal choice for various applications:


Corrosion Resistance:

Similar to other FRP materials, this FRP Grille is highly resistant to corrosion from chemicals, moisture, and environmental factors.


High Strength-to-Weight Ratio:

Despite being lightweight, the grille offers excellent strength and durability, capable of withstanding heavy loads and foot traffic without deformation or cracking.


Insulating Properties:

FRP is an insulating material, making the grille suitable for applications requiring electrical insulation.


UV Resistance:

The FRP Grille is UV-resistant, making it suitable for outdoor use without fading or degradation over time.


Anti-Slip Surface:

The surface of the grating can be designed with a textured finish to provide excellent traction, reducing slip hazards even in wet or oily conditions.


In general, the FRP Grille combines corrosion resistance, strength, safety, and customization options, making it suitable for industrial platforms, walkways, stair treads, and other applications requiring durability and safety.


Product Details


Pultruded Grating









Load Capacity


Alkali Resistance




Application Occasion

The FRP Grille is suitable for various applications, including:


Industrial Facilities:

Commonly used in chemical plants, petrochemical plants, power plants, etc., the grating is installed on platforms, walkways, and stair treads, providing corrosion resistance and non-slip working surfaces.


Commercial Buildings:

In commercial establishments such as shopping malls, hotels, exhibition halls, etc., anFRP Grille can be used to decorate staircases, corridors, and public areas, enhancing visual appeal and safety.


Municipal Projects:

Used in municipal projects like sidewalks, bridges, underground passages, etc., the grille covers openings or trenches, offering ventilation and drainage functions.


Marine Engineering:

Applied in marine engineering and maritime applications,FRP Grille is commonly used on ship decks, offshore platforms, and dock facilities to resist seawater corrosion and provide anti-slip surfaces.


Outdoor Landscapes:

For outdoor landscapes and public spaces,FRP Grille can be used in gardens, playgrounds, and outdoor activity areas, offering durability and aesthetic appeal.


Transportation Infrastructure:

In transportation hubs like train stations, airports, docks, etc., the grille covers pedestrian walkways, vehicle passages, and drainage channels, ensuring safety and longevity.

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