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FRP Tanks

Hebei Tengjun FRP tanks are new type of composite material made of glass fiber as reinforcement, resin as adhesive, and wound by a microcomputer-controlled machine.

Specifications and models:

1. Volume: 1-150 cubic meters;

2. Length: 1-12.5 meters;

3. Tank specifications: DN600 to DN4000, a total of 18 diameters;

4. Shape: vertical (divided into flat bottom, sloping bottom, round bottom tank, cone bottom, etc.), horizontal type.

The manufacturing process of FRP tanks usually includes the following steps:

1. Design and mold preparation: Design the size and shape of the storage tank according to the needs, and prepare the corresponding mold.

2. Material preparation: Select appropriate fiberglass, resin and other materials.

3. Apply release agent: Apply release agent on the surface of the mold to facilitate smooth demoulding of subsequent products.

4. Lay glass fiber: Lay glass fiber on the mold in a certain order and method.

5. Resin impregnation: Let the resin fully impregnate the glass fiber to enhance the strength of the tank.

6. Curing: After a certain period of time, the resin is allowed to solidify to form a solid storage tank.

7. Demold: Take the product out of the mold.

8. Processing and trimming: Carry out cutting, grinding and other processing to make the storage tank meet the design requirements.

9. Quality inspection: Check whether the appearance, size, strength, etc. of the storage tank meet the standards.

10. Packaging and transportation: Pack the storage tank to protect it from damage during transportation.

FRP tanks are widely used, including but not limited to the following fields:

 1. Chemical industry: used to store various corrosive liquids.

2. Environmental protection industry: treatment of sewage, waste water, etc.

3. Petroleum industry: storage of petroleum and related products.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: storage of various drugs and intermediates.

5. Food industry: suitable for storage of some special foods.

6. Water treatment industry: water storage or water treatment.

7. Metallurgical industry: accommodate related solutions or slurries.

The reason for its wide application is that it has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high strength and light weight.

The advantages of Hebei Tengjun FRP storage tanks include corrosion resistance, beauty and durability, environmental protection and energy saving, etc.

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FRP Horizontal Storage Tank
FRP Horizontal Storage Tank
Hebei Tengjun FRP Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer specializing in fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products, known for their superior quality and reliability. FRP Horizontal Storage Tank has many advantages over traditional alternatives, and its corrosion-resistant fiberglass construction ensures durability even in harsh environments, making it ideally suited to storage of a wide range of chemicals, acids and corrosive liquids.
FRP Double-layer Storage Tank
FRP Double-layer Storage Tank
Hebei Tengjun FRP Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-quality FRP products in China, and FRP Double-layer Storage Tank is one of the high-quality products in the brand's FRP storage tank series. Manufactured with advanced materials and processes, the tank has excellent corrosion and weather resistance and can reliably store various chemicals and liquids. Its double-layer structure design not only effectively prevents leakage, but also provides additional security. Equipped with safety valves and detection devices to ensure the safety of users.
FRP Anti-corrosion Storage Tank
FRP Anti-corrosion Storage Tank
Hebei Tengjun FRP Co., Ltd. is known as a leading manufacturer of FRP products in the Chinese market for its excellent manufacturing process and strict quality control. Our FRP Anti-corrosion Storage Tank is made of high quality resin and fiberglass material, which has strong corrosion resistance and is able to resist the erosion of all kinds of chemical media to ensure the safety of the tank.
FRP Vertical Storage Tank
FRP Vertical Storage Tank
Hebei Tengjun FRP Co., Ltd is a professional Chinese manufacturer specializing in producing series of products, including FRP storage tanks, pipes and so on. Our products comply with a range of national standards and have been widely used in a number of industries at home and abroad. Designed for storing liquids or gases, this newly launched FRP Vertical Storage Tank is made of a composite of fiberglass and resin materials. Its main features include corrosion resistance, lightweight construction, high strength and economy. Typically used in the chemical, petroleum, and food processing industries, it can store a variety of liquid media and has environmental advantages.
FRP Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank
FRP Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank
Hebei Tengjun FRP Co., Ltd is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of FRP Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank. We offer a wide range of products in various specifications to ensure customer satisfaction. The FRP Hydrochloric Acid Storage Tank manufactured by our company is very successful for storing corrosive chemicals such as hydrochloric acid. It is made of FRP reinforced plastic with excellent corrosion resistance and chemical stability, effectively preventing the corrosion of hydrochloric acid and ensuring the safety and stability of the stored liquid.
FRP Filament Wound Storage Tank
FRP Filament Wound Storage Tank
Hebei Tengjun FRP Co., Ltd is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in customized FRP production with unique and innovative technology that has provided the world with many products over the years. This FRP Filament Wound Storage Tank is one of the newest tanks introduced. The manufacturing process for this type of tank is called filament winding, which involves impregnating continuous strands of fiberglass with resin and winding them around a rotating cylindrical mold or mandrel. This method produces tanks that are seamless, high strength, corrosion resistant, and durable. FRP Filament Wound Storage Tanks are commonly used to store a variety of liquids, including water, chemicals, and fuels, and are favored for their light weight, low maintenance, and long service life.
You can rest assured to buy FRP Tanks made in China from our factory. Hebei Tengjun FRP is a professional China FRP Tanks manufacturer and supplier, we can provide high quality products. Welcome to buy products from our factory.
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