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FRP Pool Lounge

Hebei Tengjun FRP Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in FRP Pool Lounge, which is known for its high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship. The FRP Pool Lounge features a unique design, robust durability, and suitability for various swimming pool environments. With stylish aesthetics, it also boasts characteristics such as waterproofing, corrosion resistance, and UV protection, ensuring long-term usage without deformation or fading. Additionally, its design considers ergonomics, providing a comfortable seating experience and excellent support, allowing you to indulge in leisurely moments by the poolside.

Hebei Tengjun FRP Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to producing high-quality fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products since its establishment, among which the popular FRP Pool Lounge stands out. This exquisitely designed and practical pool lounge is specifically crafted for individuals looking to relax by the poolside.


The FRP Pool Lounge is constructed using fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) material, boasting outstanding corrosion resistance and weatherability, ensuring stability even under prolonged exposure to water, sunlight, and chemicals.


Designed with ergonomic principles in mind, the FRP Pool Lounge offers users comfortable seating and excellent support, enabling them to unwind effortlessly by the pool. The curvature of the lounge's seat and backrest aligns with the contours of the human body, providing superior comfort and support.


Moreover, the FRP Pool Lounge excels in stability and safety. Its bottom is equipped with non-slip rubber pads, effectively preventing sliding and tilting during use, ensuring user safety. Additionally, the lounge's structure is meticulously designed to guarantee stability and weight-bearing capacity, allowing users to indulge in leisure time by the poolside with peace of mind.


This poolside lounge is not only suitable for residential pools but also ideal for use in hotels, resorts, water parks, and other venues. Its sleek and fashionable appearance, along with a variety of color options, seamlessly complements various pool environments and decor styles, delivering a comfortable and stylish experience for users.


Product Details







Weather Resistance

Sunlight and Water Resistant


Easy to Clean, Corrosion Resistant

Suitable for

Poolside, Beach, Terrace, etc.


Product Features

  • Lightweight Design: The FRP Pool Lounge is constructed using Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), making it lightweight and easy to carry, facilitating mobility and storage around the poolside.
  • Strong Weather Resistance: FRP material boasts excellent weather resistance, making it resilient to natural elements like sunlight and rain, thus resisting aging or fading over prolonged use.
  • High-Strength Structure: With a specialized structural design and premium materials, it exhibits outstanding load-bearing capacity, ensuring stability and reliability.
  • Superior Comfort: Ergonomically designed, thelounge offers comfortable seating, promoting relaxation for users during use.
  • Easy to Clean: The smooth surface of FRP material is easy to clean with just water, eliminating the need for special cleaning agents or maintenance tools.
  • Variety of styles: FRP Pool Lounge offers a variety of styles and color options to meet the aesthetic needs of different users and increase the decorative aspect of the poolside.
  • Environmentally Sustainable: Manufactured using Fiber Reinforced Plastic, it adheres to environmental standards, with materials being recyclable, aligning with the principles of sustainable development.

Application Occasion

  • Poolside: The FRP Pool Lounge is suitable for placement by the poolside, providing swimmers with a comfortable resting spot. Its waterproof design ensures long-term usage without damage.
  • Hotel Resorts: In the pool areas of resorts, thislounge not only offers guests a comfortable resting place but also withstands high-intensity use, adding a touch of luxury to the hotel.
  • Water Parks: The FRP Pool Lounge is ideal for use in water parks, providing visitors with places to rest and admire. Its durability and anti-slip design adapt to wet and slippery environments.
  • Private Villas: In private pools or gardens, it is an ideal choice, offering an elegant resting place for homeowners and guests, while its weather-resistant design ensures long-term aesthetics.
  • Community Swim Clubs: Community swim clubs can use this poollounge to provide members with a comfortable relaxation spot, and its easy-to-clean features also make maintenance easy.

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